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The Infamous “Killed By A Terrorist” Line


It’s probably right anyway. Definitely more so than the “original” one, debunked here.


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A Rather Evil Path

How wonderful. There’s a guy at liberal conspiracy who’s telling us what the “real” causes of women’s oppression are and aren’t and how worrying about meaningless little things like re classifying p0rn as actual p0rn won’t do anything to help us. (won’t link to him, it’s easy to find anyways)
First of all, Mr Dude, it’s not up to you, or any man, to decide what the causes of women’s oppression are. That’s something we women have to do, and you men have to put up with whatever decision we come up with.
Secondly, even if it were true that the causes of women’s oppression had nothing to do with lads mags, it is no less true that they do have an impact on women’s everyday lives. And even if they didn’t, their existence still pisses us off. That should be enough reason to get rid of them.
Thirdly, we cannot actually legislate against the real causes of women’s oppression. Because the only way to end with women’s oppression would be for men to stop oppressing women. That exceeds the power of the law. And we have to make do with what we currently have.

Now I’m not going to waste valuable space on my blog explaining things to yet another guy who doesn’t “get it”, who isn’t interested in “getting it” and who will never know I am here writing about his arrogant ignorance. Instead, I’ll focus on how the causes of women’s oppression are related to lads mags/p0rn.
You can visualize the oppression of women as a river with many paths, each one corresponding to a different aspect of life, extending over a huge surface that eventually covers the whole of society. In order to control women’s oppression and to eventually destroy it, the feminist movement has focused on blocking many of those paths that carry the oppression everywhere. It has had some success, of course. The path of the “public sphere” has been blocked to some extent, and now at least it’s not so acceptable to demand women get back in the kitchen.
But as with any river, when one path is blocked, the water has to find another way to get through. And there is one path that no one has been able to block so far. That’s the path of the “sexual sphere”. Never before has the sex industry been so big. Never before has so much misogyny been pouring into what we call “human sexuality”. And it’s terrifying. Women’s oppression is not “decreasing”. It’s merely going where no one can control it. That’s why I favour any measure to contain this constant, ever increasing flux of sexual misogyny. Because when oppression is contained, it becomes easier to destroy.

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The Bush Myth, The Woman Who Bought It And The One Who Didn’t

The Bush

I hope I’m not offending and/or triggering anyone with this. It’s my response to Helen Mirren’s shameful comment. (I never thought I’d say this, but I now prefer the real Queen; at least she keeps her misogyny to herself).

Now, to counter the misogyny bomb dropped by Ms Mirren, I share with you the link to a radio interview with Sheila Jeffreys. A truly radical feminist feast! Amongst other things, she explains her views on transgenderism, and I have to say it cleared up many things for me. (This could be a real gift to Polly. That is, in case she hasn’t already find out about it).

Note: Two posts in one day! Way to go, Mary!
Note 2: My doodles are way too cute for this. Why do some people still need to hear the truth about rape?

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