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Officially Empowerfuled!


Finally, empowerfulment you can believe in! May all of womankind feel empowerfuled!

Note: Yes, that is a Bob Omb.
Note II: I don’t actually own those boots. But it’d be really cool if I did.
Note III: Yes, I know, my colouring skillz suck big time. That’s what happens when you go into making something when you have absolutely no idea.


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Teh Shirt


Who wants to stroll down Memory Lane with me? Ahh, the days of trousers that didn’t leave your bum exposed, of shirts that covered your belly and weren’t designed for showing your nipples, of blouses that one could actually work in and didn’t come with enforced cleavege display…

Women’s fashion keeps getting worse and worse. It makes us more and more miserable, while the designers get richer and richer. Those two aren’t coincidental.


(In case anyone cares… life is not so good at the moment. Slow posting may ensue. But I hope it won’t.)

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Happy Halloween, Feminists!




Have a very scary Halloween, feminists! Enjoy it, I made it will all my heartz.

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Feminist LOL Funfair

Welcome to the Feminist LOL Funfair! What is a Feminist LOL Funfair, you wonder? It’s a collection of quotes from feminist posts that make me LOL. (I love it when people make me laugh when they weren’t planning to). It’s a Funfair, not a Carnival, because it’s tiny.

Hope you LOL too!

“Hands up all feminists who’ve been told in a patronising tone that they should drop their struggles for gender equality, because there are MORE IMPORTANT PROBLEMS in the world today? *waves hand frantically* Nice to know there’s a precedent… and nice to know there’s a precedent for replying with bugger off, too.”

The “Bugger Off” did it for me.

from Friday Hoydens: The Suffragettes In Court

“Everyone agrees that Hillary has too many icky girl cooties to be President. But just how icky are her cooties? Normal icky or super-duper icky?”

from She’s probably a bad driver too

“Lauca: If a woman touched Daddy’s penis?
Me: She’d be in big trouble, let me tell you, BIG trouble.”

from The body sovereignty conversation you didn’t get to hear last time

“Q. Is eating Heinz Tomato soup feminist?
A. Yes. (…) It therefore fills all the requirements of feminism. Which are 1)A woman, somewhere, likes doing it and 2)It is therefore full of empowerfulmentnessism.”

from Things you didn’t know were feminist – No 1

I present you sexeee anecdote: when I was 2 I had chubalicious baby fat, the kind that fell in rolls down my legs and arms. My hair was short and whitish blonde. I had a drooly mouth cuz I chewed on everything. And because I wasn’t some prodigy-pooper I was bottom heavy in a diaper like all my tot friends.

Prodigy-pooper! HA HA HA!!!

from Hot for Tots (Sexual Stigma, p.1)

“This post is about all those young women (mostly young) who think Opossum is Cream of Jesus on toast.”

Cream of Jesus on Toast!!! LOL!

from The Opossum Delusion

“Only women who conform 100% to patriarchy’s exacting standards – ones who are beautiful, white, slim, blonde, big breasted etc, etc, etc blah blah de blah blah, don’t get shit. And even then you get shit – because you’re too sexxayy! Rule number one of patriarchy – you can only win with patriarchy if you’re a man!”

In short: you will bet shit. 😛

from Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall.

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Celebs In Trouble!

Tee hee! Har Har!

Har Har 1

Har Har 2

Har Har 3


I know, I’m being mean.

Feel free to copy, past, print and … ehm… laugh.

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