What About Abortion, Ireland?


“laws allowing transsexuals to be recognised in their acquired gender are likely to go before the Dáil next year following demands from the Green Party”

Meanwhile, abortion continues to be illegal in Ireland.

Cat McIlroy of TENI, the Transgender Equality Network Ireland, expressed this new trend in politics perfectly when she said:

“she hopes the Government can see this as a human rights issue: “Having your identity validated and respected by the Government and the rest of your peers is important for everyone,” “

Of course. Now the right to bodily autonomy, that is irrelevant. Most certainly not a human rights issue.

What exactly do I mean when I call this the new trend in politics? I’m not sure yet, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that nowadays the only thing that matters in the fight for social justice is people’s “identity”. How do you identify yourself? Is society respectful enough of your chosen identity? Are you allowed to be who you want to be? Boring old (fart) things like wage slavery, poverty, and the right to not have the hands of the State in your womb, are entirely irrelevant, because all problems can magically go away if you focus on your identity and express your true self.  

I blame identity politics. And liberals. Goodness, I hate liberals.


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  1. 1

    Jennifer said,

    My thesis attacks identity politics, but I think this sheds a light on why identity has become such a main focus.

  2. 2

    barcodesnow said,

    What’s wrong with focusing on identity (among other things)? The new laws in Ireland allowing transsexuals to record their gender identity sound great to me.

  3. 3

    marytracy9 said,

    The problem is that nobody is focusing on identity amongst other things, but rather focusing on identity full stop. Because it’s easier. Because it makes us feel better about ourselves for changing the world, while in reality the institutionalized forms of oppression remain intact.

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