Harriet Harman Offends Someone

Apparently, Harriet Harman has said something that wasn’t perfectly crafted to offend precisely nobody. As a result, someone somewhere got offended. Cue in the cries of “omgz!! The misandry!!!eleventy!”. (I’ll believe in “misandry” when Ms Word recognizes the word).

Here’s my response to Harman’s comment: I don’t care. Really, I don’t care. Could she have expressed her ideas better? Maybe. But so? Male politicians offend women with practically every word they utter, and somehow no one gets his boxers in a bunch and devotes kilometres of lines of op-eds to it. Which lays bare the real reason why Harman’s speech is dissected and analyzed to ridiculous extremes: because she’s a woman and she’s a politician and she’s saying something, as opposed to saying nothing, which is the natural order of things. If a woman (or a man) has to think and re think every word she’s about to say, she’ll end up not saying anything at all. Truth expressed imperfectly is always better than perfect, pristine truth that goes unspoken. If we demand perfection, we will get nothing. I should know. I demand perfection from myself and I end up writing nada. (Now, “nada” is a word that Ms Word recognizes).

Along with the cries of “the misandry”, Harman has had to contend with accusations of being “anti meritocratic”.
Oh, the meritocracy. Known in this blog here after as the (sh)meritocracy.
I take issue with the (sh)meritocracy from Hell for many many reasons, and I’m planning on writing a book about it the second I finish bumming around doing nothing. I don’t believe in it, I don’t like it, and I think it’s doing more harm than good. Also, it has messed up with my mind and my heart enough already, so it’s personal.

Here’s the basic, core argument against it. The (sh)meritocracy doesn’t work and cannot work because, in a world designed by rich white men for rich white men, the best person for the job which will best serve the interests of rich white men is, expectably, a rich white man. Occasionally a not rich or not white or not man may get the job in question, but only in so far as s/he best serves the interests of (you guessed it) rich white men. We know the story; we refer to them as the “honorary white” (*cof*Obama*cof*), the “honorary man” (*cof*Thatcher*cof*) or the “honorary elite born” (*cof*Blair*cof*).

All this goes back to the age old argument on whether the world should be restructured as we go along or destroyed with a bang and rebuilt from the ground up. I favour bangs, aka: revolutions. Which leads me to the reason why I keep quiet about using my “revolution is the answer” card to all possible issues, which means I end up keeping quiet about pretty much everything. The reason is that I cannot be arsed to write about it I have no idea what to do. I haven’t come up with a recipe for a big bang style revolution that will shatter patriarchy, destroy capitalism and put an end to all hierarchies in society. But the minute I do, I promise I will present the recipe to everyone in this here blog, entirely free of charge and with all the fanfare and fireworks it deserves.

In the meantime, let’s leave Harriet Harman alone. She’s pissing off the Daily Male, she must be doing something right.


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  1. 1

    Louise said,

    I totally agree with you about the revolution. There is way too much backlash against feminism and just when we take one step forward in one area we take a step back in another. We need to start swimming faster and stronger against the tide. I don’t think it is difficult to do this. I think too many feminists are disillusioned and put limits on theirselves and feminism as a whole.
    We need to believe in ourselves that we can do this. I am sick of people saying that young women aren’t interested in feminism and that we have to wait for future generations to change things. I do not believe this I believe we can change things and that we can do it now.
    It can be done and it has been done before. Look at people like Martin Luthur King – who by the way left women out of his I Have A Dream speech. We need to look at how people in the past made huge changes to society to help us understand how we can.

  2. 2

    marytracy9 said,

    Cheers, Louise, and welcome!

  3. 3

    barcodesnow said,

    Lol. I didn’t know that Ms Word does not recognise ‘misandry’ as a word (I didn’t know this because it is a word that I type only once in a blue moon). Having said that, Ms Word doesn’t recognise about 1/10 of the words that I type, apparently British spelling is incorrect. I am learning to type with American spelling so as not to annoy Ms Word too much. Recently there is an American spell check on my blog comments as I type (perhaps because I am using the firefox browser?). It tells me that I spelled “recognise” wrong twice, above 😉

  4. 4

    Karl said,

    Misandry certainly exists in this world, and people who deny it are indeed perpetuating it. It would be like a woman-hater denying misogny exists in order to justify their hatred of women. For feminism, there is no difference aside that it is men who are targetted for hate campaigns.

    BTW, for MSword users, you can select a different dictionary – it doesn’t have to be an America English one. I use the British English dictionary. That way, I don’t have to swap my S’s for Z’s.

    Mind you, I rarely use MSword anyway as I can typically spell most words without a spell check.

  5. 5

    Greg said,

    I find it interesting that you spend so much time complaining about women being discriminated against, but when the moment comes for you to actually stand up against discrimination towards others, you deny it exists. Karl’s right, if you deny misandry, you’re as bad as a misogynist. If the kind of equality you are talking about is to be attained (and I would like it to be), you need to drop the man hate. I’m a white man – and I never did a thing to get in your way, so stop talking me down!

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