A Plea For Help



Thanks everyone for your support on my “coming out” post. I’ve been overwhelmed by the niceness. You guys rock!
Like I said, I am going back to the UK. Yay for me! I’m leaving my parents house (hopefully forever) to become an independent, grown up woman and to make a life for myself! Isn’t it exciting? What an adventure! I’m fricking terrified to death!!!

When one moves somewhere, it’s generally useful to have somewhere to move to. So here it is.

I need help in finding somewhere to live.

I thought I had nothing to lose by asking you, kind readers, for some help. This is not something easy for me to do. It’s one of the reasons why this post has taken so long. The last time I was in a similar situation and asked for help from people whom I thought cared about me, I found indifference. In the end, I discovered that help can come from the people you least expect. Which is why I’m giving this a try.

I was thinking on moving around London, but it’s not written in stone. On the plus side, I will have a higher chance of finding a job, I’ll be closer to the airport (kind of important if something happens and I need to run away; also convenient for visiting parents), and I’ll be where everything seems to happen. On the other side… well…, London is, after all, a city, and I’m a creature of the wild. If it were up to me, I would live in a little cabin in the middle of the woods. (Though with internet connection).

I can only afford a room in some flatshare / houseshare. Ideally, I would be sharing the place with a bunch of feminists working to bring the Feminist Revolution. The second best scenario would be sharing the flat / house with nice people, but living somewhere close to a bunch of feminists working to bring the Feminist Revolution.

I’m already trying the “traditional” intertube approach of placing an ad in Spareroom (and others) and contacting people that way. But it’s particularly difficult when you are living abroad. And besides, I would much rather share a place with people I have something in common with.
I have some savings but I’m not rich, so rent price has to be, ehm, moderate.
I’m not picky. Really I’m not. I know things are gonna be tough for me when I arrive, that’s OK.


If you know of someone around London with a room to rent out…
If you know of someone somewhere else in the UK with a room AND a job…
I you’ve heard something from someone…
If you have any advice for me…
If you have any words of support…

Please contact me, either through comment or mail at:
beyondfeminism at gmail dot com (without spaces)

(I know these are difficult times; that we are in a recession and all. But I am not happy where I am right now, and I really need to leave, like, a year ago. If I could wait until things got better, I would. At worst, I can always come back.)


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  1. 1

    Anji said,

    I have no space to offer, but just wanted to send the best of luck finding a comfortable arrangement. 🙂

  2. 2

    Polly Styrene said,

    If you can e-mail me with some more details Mary Tracy, I’ll pass them on to my mate. Her partner lives in London, is a proper scary feminist, and may know someone with a room to rent. But can I point out that if you want cheap flights, more leave from Manchester/liverpool than London because that’s where the budget carriers operate out of.

  3. 3

    bonobobabe said,

    Congratulations on getting away from your folks. That will be a big help. Trust me. I know of whence I speak. 😉

  4. 4

    Level Best said,

    I live in America, and I am frustrated I can’t help you move in somewhere in England! I am sure that polly can steer you the right way, though, and I am so much looking forward to your future posts about your relocation!

  5. 5

    marytracy9 said,

    Thanks anyways, Anji. And thanks BBB 😉

    Thanks so much, Level Best. Your words are so kind they help all by themselves 😀
    Here’s to me posting from some new and exciting relocation!

  6. 7

    nectarine said,


    We have a spare room we could rent you cheap if you are despereate.

    (I live with a man tho, dont know how you would feel about that)

    also am in wales not london, but in case you cant find anywhere else

  7. 8

    marytracy9 said,

    Thanks for your offer, Nectarine. I’ll keep it in mind if I can’t find anywhere in London.

  8. 9

    Maggie Hays said,

    I hope you manage to find something, Mary Tracy. Good luck!

  9. 10

    v said,

    london is overrated, manchester people have great accents*, and wales is pretty 🙂

    good luck with the move.

    *im a southerner, northern accents always sound exotic to me..

  10. 11

    parallel said,

    Hi MaryTracey. Got to agree that London is very over-rated. Oop North is much cheaper as well. Places like Leeds and Manchester have big student populations, women’s groups, arty stuff, and close by to nice countryside if you want to get out of the city a bit.

    There’s a website called spareroom.co.uk which will give you an idea of prices for house shares and you can see the sort of stuff available as well. Usual disclaimers apply.

  11. 12

    parallel said,

    sorry MT, just reread your post and see you use spareroom already. Being a bit dozy at the moment.

  12. 13

    sparklematrix said,

    *im a southerner, northern accents always sound exotic to me..

    Aye, agreed 🙂

    Hey, good luck Mary, sounds great and don’t worry about airports as they are all over the place. Promise – even where I live in ‘Backward Land’ (we’re not really, it’s just a cultural stereotype) we haz one.

  13. 14

    marytracy9 said,

    Guys, I’m really in a pickle now. I don’t know whether to move to London or Manchester!

  14. 15

    womensspace said,

    Go you! You can do this. I have never been to the UK and have no clue, but I do know it seems to be full of cool feminists! I will think about you and send good energy your way.



  15. 16

    […] 15, 2009 · Filed under About Four months and eight days ago, I asked for help on the life creating adventure I was to embark myse…. Help came to me in surprising ways and from many people, to whom I’ll always be infinitely […]

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