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Who wants to stroll down Memory Lane with me? Ahh, the days of trousers that didn’t leave your bum exposed, of shirts that covered your belly and weren’t designed for showing your nipples, of blouses that one could actually work in and didn’t come with enforced cleavege display…

Women’s fashion keeps getting worse and worse. It makes us more and more miserable, while the designers get richer and richer. Those two aren’t coincidental.


(In case anyone cares… life is not so good at the moment. Slow posting may ensue. But I hope it won’t.)


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    Polly Styrene said,

    Sorry life is not good Mary Tracy. On the plus side, I have bought some T shirts recently, and they seem to be getting a bit longer as manufacturers are finally realising that not everyone wants a freezing middle. So maybe there is hope.

    (but if doubt buy a ‘manz’ T shirt/top, cos they’re longer anyways…..)

  2. 2

    marytracy9 said,

    Thanks Polly.

    On the minus to that plus, I wonder how long will it take for manufacturers to realize that not everyone wants a paper thin t-shirt to show off the nipples (couldn’t put that in the drawing but it’s still true). Oh, the pornification! Oh, I forgot I should feel empowerfulized by it. Sorry.

  3. 3

    Donna said,

    I am seeing that women’s fashion is often directed toward showing more skin. There was even a short article in the paper about how tv’s detectives wear sleeveless blouses (as in, do they really need to show off their arms?)

    And that is my difficulty…I am sensitive about my arms so I have had problems the last few years in finding long-sleeves, elbow-length, or even SHORT sleeves. The majority (at least, around here) are cap or no-sleeves.

    It has become such a norm that I find myself taking note of women who are NOT sleeveless on contemporary television.

  4. 4

    marytracy9 said,

    Oh, I hear you Donna. I have trouble with finding long sleeved shirts too (for other reasons, though; I don’t want to show off my hairy underarms). Which reminds me that the above picture is wrong on the length of the sleeves. They are way too long for modern standards.

  5. 5

    Level Best said,

    Well, I’m an older, working woman, and I FOR SURE am not excited about all the teeny-weeny tops and etcetera. When I walk into general department stores, everything for women seems like junior clothes in cut and style. I think this is indicative of how corporations basically own the world and the means of manufacturing and try to force their (often distressingly low) standards upon the plebes. If you want clothes that actually cover you adequately, you may have to shop online on classic clothing sites like LLBean. And of course these shopping places are pricey. Sigh. They get you coming and going. Fortunately, I found tons of bargain clothes back before everything got so revealing, so I’m in good shape. Thanks for noticing this and speaking out, marytracy9.

  6. 6

    Level Best said,

    Oh, I just re-read your post and caught you’re going through a bad patch. I am so very sorry! You are sensitive and smart and deserve all the best.

  7. 7

    Lindsay said,

    Yeah, I’m always surprised to look at the labels on my older T-shirts and see that they’re mediums. Now, I’m pretty much always a men’s large. And in women’s, I’m either XL or higher. And then, a lot of times I have to take them in at the waist, since I am big in the shoulders and arms but not so much elsewhere.

    I see in ads for men’s suits that they have a lot of different options for different body types: Tall, Portly or Athletic tailoring. They should do that for women. (They won’t, because so much of the goal of fashion is to tell women what kind of body they should try desperately to have, but it’s a nice idea to keep in mind. If I ever become a fashion designer, I will do that).

    Hang in there, Mary!

  8. 8

    marytracy9 said,

    Thank you, Level Best and Lindsay . You guys rock! *snif*

  9. 9

    Hang in there MT9. Yes, the pronification rarely ceases, and when it does it ceases for all the wrong reasons. Hulk smash. lol.

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