I Dream Of Job!

I have been looking for a job for more time than I think humanly bearable. No one should have to put up with this torture, it’s a downright violation of human rights. And no, I am not overreacting just because I’m a drama queen (which I am). But because job hunting means submitting to Capitalism in ways that normal day-to-day activities and work itself do not require. One thing is to be exploited. Quite another is to “beg” for it.

Do not fear, though. This blog will not descend into compulsive ranting about the labour market, the unemployment rate and the trials and tribulations of the job searching process. Well, not entirely. But for the moment being, I really need to get all this stuff out of my chest. And who knows. Maybe I’ll become a professional ranter about the labour market, the unemployment rate and the trials and tribulations of the job searching process, with a twist of (f)art. 😉


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    allecto said,

    i’m sorry, Mary. Looking for work is awful, totally not fun. Good luck.

  2. 2

    Polly Styrene said,

    Unfortunately we’re just heading into a major recession and unemployment rates will be rocketing. But what type of job are you trying to get MT? I think some organisations are better than others in terms of equal opps policies and so on, and it’s the better employers you need to identify and target. But when I was unemployed I went and temped. Which is often mind numbingly dull, but can lead to a more interesting job eventually….

  3. 3

    marytracy9 said,

    I have no idea, Polly. I have just finished my science degree, but I cannot get a job doing what I’ve studied. I’ve also stumbled over major depression (yay for me) and I’m back with my parents, ie: far from where I’d like to find a job. It’s all a huge clusterfuck of a problem, and I’m very frustrated and miserable at the moment.
    Though I guess I’d like to find a job I am remotely good at. But I’m not picky. I am looking for any job, anywhere in the UK.

  4. 4

    Level Best said,

    Chin up, marytracy9. You are an intelligent, creative, talented person. You know to chose what you can live with when the opportunity is there.

    I did the whole having to stay w/parents for an extended period while looking, getting rejected, and etc., but something finally opened up. In hindsight, although the position’s never paid much, I am so grateful I waited until something that was a fit for me. I work with intelligent people, have benefits, and even a pension. I could get full retirement this year if I chose, but I’m happy drawing a salary and waiting for when my govt bennies will kick in, too.

    You can do this–don’t get impatient with yourself, ever. You deserve something good.

  5. 5

    Lindsay said,

    Mary, I empathize with you. I’ve been in the same boat for over two years now. I, too, have a science degree (biochemistry), and have been looking for lab jobs (the last one I interviewed for was at a veterinary pharmaceutical company, where I would have been on the three-person Equine Virology Team). I am also autistic, which has worked against me when I would go in for interviews.

    It’s been really eye-opening, in a *bad* way, for me to see just how much social skills come into it. Yes, maybe I’m a cold fish in person, maybe I can’t answer your questions very well, and maybe I don’t look you in the eye. But I have a kickass educational background, a great GPA and a whole lot of (academic) lab experience. Plus, the whole “autistic” thing makes me a great independent worker. But no, I keep getting told that, even though my skills are great, they don’t think my personality is “a good fit.”

    These experiences have definitely made me a lot more anti-capitalist than I used to be. It’s just so WASTEFUL, ya know? It just doesn’t make sense to me that the system should be set up to make it hard for people who want to contribute to do so.

    I was able to do one useful thing with my frustrations, though. I wrote a series of four essays on the difficulties of finding (and keeping) employment when you’re autistic, with my own story and a whole bunch of studies as evidence, and I emailed them to my college Abnormal Psych professor, who will now use them in his class. So now a whole classfull of future psych professionals are going to be marginally better-informed about employment issues in autism. Hooray, I guess.

    Anyway, your other commenters are right: you’re awesome, capitalism sucks and you shouldn’t let your current situation persuade you that you’re not awesome.

  6. 6

    marytracy9 said,

    Thank you so much, Level Best and Lindsay! You guys are so awesome! *snif* I feel warmer and fuzzier inside thanks to you 😉

    Lindsay, it’s really awful you cannot find a job because you lack “teh social skillz tm”. I lack them too, btw. But how great is it that you managed to turn your experience into something so positive? I’d like to do something like that, but all that manages to come out is semi-funny angsty rants 😛

    What you say about the system rejecting those people whom it makes most sense to hire, is something I am very interested in. It’s true, it seems really stoopid. There’s something going on, but I haven’t quite managed to put finger on it. A good place to start is Barbara Ehrenreich’s “Bait and Switch”. That’s all I managed to find so far.

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