“Men Are Not The Default Humans”

I have told you about Amananta before, haven’t I? Of course I have.

You know when you have a post in your mind that you just have to write about but keep postponing it for some reason? Well, I have many such posts. Fortunately, I have just stumbled upon a post by Amananta that echoes my thoughts so well I find it hard to not quote the whole thing here.

I’ll give you just a couple of soundbites to pique your interest, but by all means, pop over there and read it in full.

“The concept that MEN ARE NOT THE DEFAULT HUMANS and stereotypical male behavior (…) is not, by definition, the desirable trait does not seem to have occurred to them.”

“in some or perhaps even many or most cases, stereotypical female behavior is more desirable and more useful to the survival and well-being of the human race. Yet patriarchy tries to co-opt even feminism and say it should be all about proving women can be “as good” as men”

“I want to see men concerned about being as good as women”


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    Lara said,

    I guess I have nothing else useful here to add because Amananta’s words, and yours, are so full of the truth they speak for themselves.
    I wish that the many positive traits/effects of stereotypically female behavior were used as a model for EVERYONE to use.

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