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I’d like to make clear that I am not against “democracy” per se. What I’m criticizing is what democracy looks like at the moment. I’m expressing what I believe most people feel in their gut: that choosing between bad and worse is not democracy. And it’s not part of “this” current election (I’m using the term “this” vaguely on purpose). Not only is the same situation present in every single election, (something older people know well), but it’s also present in most supposedly “democratic” nations. The reason for this is obvious: “teh powerz” is not in the hands of people nor is it in the hands of the government. It’s in the hands of the Big Moneymakers to whom the government (and the people, for that matter) must pander to.

We need a far more radical change than a mere switch between “the party on the far right and the party not so far on the right”.

For an excellent view on how “choosing between bad and worse” isn’t all that good for women in particular, you could do worse than check out Melissa McEwan’s latest essay. Published in a web page that shall now be referred to as “the page that doesn’t care much about the sexualization of young girls, as shown by the ad of Miley’s latest video which consists of a sequence of images of her pouting at the camera with her eyes closed, and many other girls innocently hugging and kissing teddys and winking at the camera”. Which pretty much proves Melissa’s point: the left isn’t listening to us, and we won’t shut up about it. (at least I like to think that’s the point she’s making ;))


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    Polly Styrene said,

    The problem with ‘democracy’ in the 20th century is that political parties are in thrall, not to the electorate, but to the mass media. And since most of that mass media is controlled by a very few largely right wing males we’re all in trouble. I shall have big problems deciding who to vote for in the next election. I do know however who I WON’T be voting for (begins with T ends with S)

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    Lara said,

    That McEwan article had to be one of the best articles I have ever read on any political issue relating to feminism/womanism. Ever. Thank you so much for linking to that.
    And I am also tired of the manipulation and threats directed at many women for choosing not to pander to patriarchy by witholding their vote from Obama (or any other candidate that benefits from sexism passively or actively). Have you seen this stupid article?:

    Just another example of how white males will manipulate, pressure, and cajole women into voting for Obama because they think that if white males benefit from this election, than “everyone” will. Pfsh :/
    I am putting that McEwan article on my blog now too, I love it so much 🙂

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    polly styrene said,

    You should also check out the hustling the left website if you’ve never seen it MT about Hustler’s influence on liberals, who defend Hustlers right to ‘free speech’ – aka promotion of rape, child abuse, racist and homophobic violence.

  4. 4

    marytracy9 said,

    I haven’t had the pleasure, Polly, but I think I’ll pass, if you’ll forgive me.

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