Educating In The Difference

Here we go again.; another outrage denouncing that “boys are doing worse than girls at schoolz”. We already know how this works, don’t we sisters? The feminist reply to this pseudo-problem usually falls on one or more of the following:

* Funny how no one was complaining when girls were doing worse than boys at school on a regular basis for thousands of years (actually, girls have only had the privilige of doing worse than boys at school AFTER they were granted the privilige of going to school at all)
* Interesting how boys do better than girls in college and university.
* Boys will turn on men and they will still get to rule the world just as they do now, so, who cares?
* It’s not true; in posh-priviliged-pricy schools girls and boys do equally well, they both go to Oxbridge and become future world leaders and future world leader’s wives.

Shame that this feminist rethoric hardly ever makes it out of the Feminist Headquarters. And if we consider the truly, concentrated, feminist rethoric, that is, the RADICAL one, well, that hardly makes it out of the Twisty Bungalow. Or the Beyond Feminism Bubble.

What will this Radical Feminist Rethoric say about the boys doing worse than girls at school?
Well, to start, it will try to dig a bit deeper. What could be causing this imbalance and what would the solution look like? Radical Feminists are very smart; this further inquiring has a clear purpose: to uncover the real monster lurking under the guise of “concern for boyz”. They will tell us that the imbalance is caused by the “feminization of school”, and they specifically won’t tell us what they think we should do, that is, to turn schools to the way they were. That’s where the monster is exposed under the light of day for all to see: the solution is to masculinize schools, to turn the clocks back, which would result in boys outperforming girls; the one and only world order and they way things should have stayed. Sexism exposed. The radical feminist can now ravel in glory, beams of smugness streaming from her every pore.

Now that she has your attention, the radical feminist will expand on this idea: we will always, ALWAYS have the problems of one gender being better or worse than the other one as long as we have genders. Because gender is SUBJECTIVE. The only objective part of gender is that of the difference in genital configuration and we know how shaky that one is. But even then, one cannot build up one’s identity from that. The consequences of genders being subjective is that they can only be deined by differentiation from each other. Boys more than girl have to develop in between very clear and contrained limits: “no sissy stuff”. If girls do better than boys, the “doing better” will be associated with “girlyness” and boys will run from it as if from the plague. On the contrary, if the boys are the ones doing better, then either the girls will fall back to show they are not boys or the boys will work harder to show they are not girls.

It’s not that schools are “feminized” (whatever the heck that means). I’m pretty damn sure that whoever plans the overall shape of the education system does so making sure that each and every part is as gender neutral as possible. The differences between genders arise precisely because of the very definition of gender, ie: “different from the other one”.

I am not by far the first or the only one thinking like this. The world doesn’t like our ideas, that’s what happens. And what does this radical feminist say to that? FORK YOU! Oh, wait, no, not that. What I say is this: if you want gender differences you are gonna get gender differences. Accept it or change it, but don’t complain about it when the differences work against you.


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  1. 1

    polly styrene said,

    Yes it is strange how girls doing worse was never the fault of the ‘masculinization of school’, just taken as proof that girls were less intelligent.

    We need to get rid of this gender stuff – I rest my case.

  2. 2

    Lara said,

    Maybe it’s because boys are incompetent. No. Really.
    I have worked as an assistant teacher at an after-school program for almost 3 years and I will tell you right now that boys can be rather dull in comparison to girls. I don’t think it’s biological. I think that masculinity and everything it embodies is dumb as shit and runs counter to natural and healthy human development, but ya know…

    “Because gender is SUBJECTIVE…”
    Ahhh, music to my ears 🙂

    “What I say is this: if you want gender differences you are gonna get gender differences. Accept it or change it, but don’t complain about it when the differences work against you.”

    Very true. What the patriarchy made sort came around to bite it in the ass. Haha…

  3. 3

    Jemima said,

    I wrote about the exact same topic quite some time ago here:

    All I can say is I agree with you.

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