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Types of Sex Education

I don’t like talking about Sex Education. I don’t agree with the current idea of “sex” or “education”, so much less with “sex education”. But many bloggers do, all of them american, and for a good reason: the only sex education in american schools consists of “no sex” education. Which sucks. But everyone already knows it sucks, which is why blogging about it seems pointless. It’s yet another example that it’s not “the people” who have “the powerz” but a tiny, tiny group. The US is* the only industrialized nation with a “no sex” education policy. This, of course, has a huge impact on the rest of the nations of the world, because the US is “teh Nation”. Let me explain: the US has got it effed up, so comparatively, the other industrialized nations seem to have gotten it right. Which is NOT true. I have suffered “sex education” and it’s far from perfect. Why, it’s infinitely better than “no sex” education and infinitely better than “no (sex) education”, but it’s not the best we can do. “Comprehensive”, as it’s called sex education limits itself to what a vagina does and what a penis does and how to avoid catching aids. Yeah, that’s right, two people are reduced to their reproductive organs and the encounter is in turn reduced to “do whatever as long as you are safe”. For some patriarchal reason beyond the limits of human or even feminist understanding, talking aobut a penis entering a vagina is more acceptable than talking about the feelings attached to that penis or that vagina. The result? The tacit condoning of one of modern society’s highest principles: “whatever rocks your boat”. Which doesn’t leave radical feminists, or anyone with the tiniest grasp of the complexity of human nature, remotely satisfied.

So my plan for action is the following: dump all the previous ideas about “sex” (and “education”, for that matter) and let’s start again from scratch. With the help of feminism, of course.

* probably. Am not sure, but it’s a safe bet.


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  1. 1

    pisaquari said,

    Too much focus on penetration if you ask me. Why don’t we teach people they can have orgasms without risking pregnancy or having to take/do all this extra shit they don’t mingle sperm and egg??
    Or teach people that celibacy exists–that people actually aren’t starving mad for genital interactions.
    I am baffled!

  2. 2

    bonobobabe said,

    Amen, pisaquari! I said that very thing on a supposedly radical feminist forum and all the women got bent out of shape. “Don’t tell us that we can’t put metal implements in our uteruses and have penetrative sex with men. We love intercourse. You’re mean and nasty.”

    I think they were afraid to admit what would happen if they told their Nigel that they didn’t want to have intercourse anymore, or have it much less frequently.

    Also, I bet there are a fair number of women who like intercourse specifically b/c they get to lie there and do nothing. They aren’t attracted to their husbands enough to want to touch their dick or put it in their mouths.

  3. 3

    Mary Tracy9 said,

    Pisaquari, how dare you suggest that not wanting sex could be remotely acceptable! Everyone knows that human beings are starving mad for genital interaction! Oh, and a man’s prerogative is to mate! Celibacy is, like, unnatural and not cool at all!

    (note: I was being silly)

  4. 4

    pisaquari said,

    ““Don’t tell us that we can’t put metal implements in our uteruses”

    Oh yeah–IUD’s they are called.
    Funny, I never thought drill bits would pass for contraception.

    And I agree 1-0-0 % about women’s fear to de-dick from the nigel as well as the major disconnect sex provides if one isn’t feeling too keen on putting work into intimacy. Unfortunately both of these scenarios are viewed as *problematic* by the sexpertz industry and so ensues *couple’s therapy* wherein-lotsa time and money later-the Grand solution is finally revealed: porn! Just watch some porn to jump start your love life again!
    (ay yi yi yi yi yi yi yi yi)

    “Celibacy is, like, unnatural and not cool at all!”

    Yeah but it’s cheaper!
    Cost saving sex life!/lack thereof

  5. 5

    Mary Tracy9 said,

    “the major disconnect sex provides if one isn’t feeling too keen on putting work into intimacy”

    You spoke volumes in the line!

    Also, when will PORN stop being the answer to every problem on this planet? I’ve heard people suggesting it to get rid of climate change!

  6. 6

    allecto said,

    I love this post. Sex Mis-education is NOT FRICKING FEMINIST. Sex-education=regulation of gender and heteropatriarchal sexuality. Sex-education is the same as no education for lesbian and gay youth, and for all feminist girls who value themselves and their bodies as more than dick receptacles.

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