Bin the Goddamn Bunny!

 Bin the Goddamn Bunny!

On Saturday 26th of July the first Radical Feminist Summer Gathering will be held in Manchester. I pray the Feminist Goddess in candy floss ceiling above that I’ll be able to go.
We are raising funds for the event by selling ‘Bin the Bunny’ t-shirts for 12£. What exactly is this ‘Bin the Bunny’ goodness? It’s an anti-Playboy campaign organized by Anti-Porn UK. How COOL is that? This information would be on my sidebar were it not because of WordPress crapulent insistence on not letting me touch the CSS code of this blog unless I pay moneys. Which I can’t. So, what better way to advertise the t-shirts AND the campaing than to make some (f)art! See, the first time I saw the logo for the Bin the Bunny campaign, I thougth “what a neat design. It’s simple, yet it says it all”. This is my way to honour, for lack of a better word, the work of the designer.

I cannot say it better than Debs:

“you get to raise money for a great event, and tell Heff where to stick it at the same time!”


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  1. 1

    pisaquari said,

    MaryTracy does this design come in car decals?

  2. 2

    marytracy9 said,

    Unfortunately, it doesn’t 😦

    BUT, we are currently working on a new “Bin the Goddamn Bunny” project, consisting on painting this design on a bettle car and traveling around the country raising awareness about pornstitution! We have just sent Volkswagen a letter asking if they would be so kind as to cover the car with the Bin the Goddamn Bunny design pro bono, and we are anxiously waiting for their response.

  3. 3

    pisaquari said,

    Whoa! Seriously? That’s awesome. I would be happy to donate gas money for something like that (it’d be great if it came in hybrid).

    When did that project come about? This is the first I’ve heard of it.

  4. 4

    Mary Tracy9 said,

    Ehm, I am sorry, pisaquari, I was being silly. It was a reference to the “Fag Bug”, a project to raise awareness on homophobia. I somehow doubt that Volkswagen would want to get involved in a project against pornstitution the way they did with the Fag Bug.


  5. 5

    pisaquaririse said,

    No prob–It’s still a kool idea! You could do it with some ole junker and spend the money on the paint job. How awesome would this be?

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