Oh, The Intersectionality!

I’ve just done an important diservice to my stress-level and read Echidne’s post on intersectionality. And what the F is intersectionality? In her own words:

“”Intersectionality”, as far as I understand it, means that it’s important to look at women positioned in all the different places in the society: poor women, women who are ethnic minorities, religious women, immigrant women, lesbians, disabled women, to give a few examples, and to make sure that the way feminism is practiced isn’t just to benefit those who already are fairly well placed, as women are concerned.”

It gets better. Here’s Valenti’s idea of intersectionality:

“(…) One of these claims is that mainstream feminists have ignored an “intersectional” approach to feminism–one that takes class, race and sexuality into account”

And here’s what I say to them: AWESOME. Good Stuff. Just one tiny, minor, entirely unimportant thing: HOW. HOW ON EARTH ARE YOU PLANNING TO DO THAT.


Every so often, the amount of pretended concern I can take reaches critical levels and I literally explode. This time, I’m unfairly picking on something Echidne and Jessica said, only because they happened to make up the last 2 straws that set me off. In all honesty, this stuff is everywhere.
But what exactly is this “pretended concern” that annoys me so much? It’s people’s aparent concern for things that need changing. It’s only “aparent”, mind you, because they never consider the possible solutions. Why? BECAUSE NO ONE WANTS THE SOLUTIONS. Let me say it loud and clear:

No one wants poor people, women or not, to stop being poor. No one wants inmigrant people, women or not, to stop being inmigrants*. NO ONE. Because that would piss off the God of Capitalism. For the poor to stop being poor, the rich would have to stop being rich. FAT CHANCE OF THAT HAPPENING! For inmigration to stop being the mess it is today, the poor countries would have to stop being poor. And for the poor countries to stop being poor, the rich countries would have to stop being rich. Again, FAT CHANCE OF THAT HAPPENING.

Anyone can play the “I’m so concerned” part. It guarantees you a considerable aura of sweetness. Just remember to pout, look very sad and under no circumstance should you hint at a solution.

*Here, I mean poor inmigrants, of course. No one raises a peep when rich people come to their countries. Like when the British move to Spain looking for “a place under the Sun”.

NOTE: I am not accusing either Echidne or Jessica of anything.


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