Stuff Some People Hate

If you’ve been hoovering the blogosphere lately, you must have stumbled upon a blog with a title strikingly similar to this post’s. It’s gotten obcenely huge. That blog has been alive for 1 month and 8 days and has gotten 4 million 7 hundred thousand hits. Meanwhile, my blog has been alive for 50 years, (feels like), and has gotten a grand total of 0 hits, (again, feels like). Is there a non-existing reader who is starting to think that I may be slightly jelous? Perhaps. Then again, perhaps not. I have never complained about blogs which I respect and admire, regardless of their popularity. *cough-Twisty on the blogroll-cough*. However, I do NOT respect the tone of this blog, and here’s why.

First, the blog works strictly under the following premises:
1) All white people live in the US and
2) White people = upper middle class

Now, I feel slightly offended by those assumptions. I’m all up for mocking the habits and tendencies of the ubber rich, but I wouldn’t be so BLIND as to call them “white people”. The author seems to be entirely oblivious to the fact that there’s white people outside of the US, the countries from the ex URSS, for example. These people not only do not indulge in the sibaritic and consumerist orgy-like practises of the rich the world over, but also lack some things we tend to take for granted, like freedom and basic human rights. That’s right! There’s plenty of white people out there who are not even close to upper middle class. Some can even be found in the very US! And I’m so sensitive and bold to believe that the racist claim “all black people are poor” is a teensy weensy bit similar to the claim that “all white people are rich”.
But I guess Stuff “Rich” People Like doesn’t sound all “that” original after all. And here we encounter the other reason why I find this blog annoying: it’s NOT original. It has the exact same cynical and sceptical attitude that is the default of the “creative” ones of my generation and younger ones. They are what I call “The Simpsons Generation”, and one day I’ll blog about them. They don’t believe in anything and they look down at the few who do.

“White people spend a lot of time of worrying about poor people. It takes up a pretty significant portion of their day.”

Notice the slight swift of bullying? The subtle tone of mockery? How dare you think about something! See,it’s not what people are doing or thinking. It’s not that they are choosing to change their actions or beliefs for more ethical ones. It’s the fact that they have ethics in the first place. Because in this age of moral relativism, having a clear idea of what is right and wrong is tantamount to proclaiming that some ideas are BETTER than others. And that cannot be. It would get in the way of individualism. Anyone should be whoever they want! Even if that means being a pseudo racist copy-cat passing as “cool” and “trasgressive”.


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  1. 1

    Debs said,

    I read your blog, I do, I do, you’re on my blogroll and everything!! 🙂

    I saw that blog after following a link from Women’s Space, and did wonder, why ‘white people’? Why not just say ‘middle-class people’, which would be more accurate anyway.

    Hmmm. xxx

  2. 2

    Marie said,

    I going to un-lurk to let you know that I read your blog too- I’m not much of a commenter though.

    Oh, and I totally agree about the blog that shall not be named.

  3. 3

    pisaquaririse said,

    Hurrumph Mary Tracy! Hurrumph!
    I read your blog…I love your blog.
    PuT On A hApPY FAce!!! 😛

    Nameless blog bothers me too. I haven’t quite mapped it out yet though I think you’ve touched on some of it.
    If I can pull something out of my ass real quick (cuz my white shit don’t stink) I think part of my irritation has to do with Whiteness Mockery as a way to cover racism. Like, if we can all laugh at white people and think they are *silly* or *trivial* we don’t have to really deal with the issues. To me the whole blog is an avoidance measure–for all races to think they are *saying* something.
    Passive-aggressive racism–or something. (hmmmmm…)

  4. 4

    Maia said,

    I read this post yesterday and the thing that’s been on my mind is this.

    I kept thinking of Mandles.

    I imagine that someone put together a spoof / satire site called “Stuff men like” (or whatever) and they were using it to caricature and mock stereotypes of masculinity. Wouldn’t that be fun?! Maybe some of what they say on Stuff Men Like is over the top and relates, hilariously, the extremes of machismo. Maybe some of it is more general and relates, usefully, the ways that most / practically all men think and behave. Maybe a few entries will even provoke a few pro-feminist men to re analyse their ideas or behaviour in a specific area. That sounds like solid, feminist activity.

    And then I imagine a man coming along and seeing it and thinking “But I don’t act that way! Not all men are like that! That’s really insulting to me personally!”… how would we feel about that?

    Or maybe there would be a comment like this one from “Layla” on Sparkle*Matrix’s post:

    “Why all the hate ladies? Isn’t this just seeking to further the gap between the sexes? If gender issues are ever going to be resolved, shouldn’t we be trying to understand men instead of bearing hatred towards them? Hatred leads to more hatred. Let’s try to be the bigger person in this issue. Love thy neighbor as thyself. Shouldn’t this apply to both men and woman?”

    Wouldn’t we just say either (1) men are fair game, stop being such a wuss or (2) we’re not ragging on *men* actually but only constructed *masculinity* which is a very different thing. Alternatively, as we say in Feminism 101 – if it’s not about you, then it’s not about you.

    Ultimately, isn’t mockery kind of useful, too? Isn’t it a good way, often, to share a perspective that another person might not otherwise get?

    Just my 2 cents.

  5. 5

    Jordan Baker said,

    I have a blog Stuff Rich People Like. It’s supposed to be a satiric view of the super rich. I would really like to have a blog rivalry or something with the Stuff White People Like Blog. I think that one should be called “what yuppies like” or “what hipsters like” … and isn’t the Prius kind of cross-cultural?

  6. 6

    marytracy9 said,

    Thanks, everyone, for your kind words. They mean a lot to me, particularly at this time, (for reasons I may reveal to the blogosphere soon).

  7. 7

    Lara said,

    Well I think that “whiteness” as it is understood in our culture is interconnected with ideas about the higher classes. And that is very significant. The fact of the matter is that race and class intersect, and what is considered very “white” is also coming from the dominant socioeconomic classes in our country. Also, the website is turning the table around on whites who try to microanalyze the cultures, per se, of African Americans especially (“black people love hip hop, and there’s no better way to get them to trust you than to crank up some 50 Cent when offering a ride to an African American”……something along those lines.) Yes, white people really do think that way about black people.

  8. 8

    pisaquari said,

    “…caricature and mock stereotypes of masculinity.”
    “Ultimately, isn’t mockery kind of useful, too?”

    Yes on the whole I agree.
    But I feel in this case it works differently. The whites I have known personally (who financially apply to this blog) , as well as those in the media always tongue-in-cheek showing off, are happy to mock themselves because it doesn’t matter to them. The mocking is a waxed over version of humility that inadvertently becomes a celebratory gesture of their privilege. Because, as mentioned here, this blog is really mocking privilege and money. It’s quite difficult to successfully mock money and rich people in a capitalist society where money and riches are so valued by all races–and because this blog has made it a “white” issue the only way it might undermine white privilege would be to somehow prove that nonwhites are also not vying for the riches.
    I just don’t see that happening. But perhaps you do?
    (otherwise, the only other point it might be making is that if/when nonwhites have this kind of money they have different *spending* habits–which I would find sort of a weak point and a bit of a stretch)

    PS–I don’t *hate* this blog. Just find it tangential as far as race issues are concerned.

  9. 9

    27thfloor said,

    I stumbled across your blog based on having been to the other blog. I’m non-white and I find that “other” blog to be rather comical. I don’t think the author of that blog intended for his blog to be taken as a science, but rather as entertainment.

    I’ve ran across other blogs with similar names but with “Black” in the title and they are equally amusing. I think when we poke fun at our own selves it’s funny. It’s when we poke fun at others that its rather obnoxious.

  10. 10

    27thfloor said,

    @Lara – the fact that anyone stereotypes others in a negative light is pathetically sad. And, the fact that I have been guilty of doing it from time to time doesn’t make it any less pathetically sad.

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