Portrayal Of A Real Woman

Are you the possessor of a Y-chromosome who feels bewilderment at the discovery of a female shape completely strange to you? Are you the possessor of an X-chromosome and wonder why you don’t present the expected anatomy of your gender? Do you know of a confused soul who has been exposed to so much pornography and mainstream media imagery that s/he cannot recall what a true woman looks like? Do not fear! Mary comes to the rescue with this anatomically (almost) correct representation of a real woman, complete with instructional tags to further contribute to your understanding experience.

Portrayal of a Real Woman

p.s.: I should clarify, for those of you not manga literate, that her used expression is one used frequently in media, though the character tends to be looking up and laughing. Is difficult to describe what it means. A sort of “Ho-ho-ho, yes I am great indeed” is as close as I can get.

p.s.2: Please take it with humor, laugh and enjoy!


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    misterbastard said,

    Hi, Mary –

    V. interesting range of reactions to the American Apparel ad and accompanying graffiti. Everything from “it’s just advertising” to “looks like porn” to “it’s disgusting but it doesn’t have anything to do with women being attacked” to “it makes men feel like all women are like that.” I was surprised but shouldn’t have been, I guess, that several women in the class defended the ad or at least didn’t find it all that objectionable.

    Hmmmm . . . Some more thoughts about using the exercise and how to talk about it, but not sure I want to post it here. Are you emailable? If that works for you, drop me a line at profbastard@hotmail.com. If it doesn’t, no worries, of course.

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