The New “Feminists”

Imagine the joy in my little feminist heart when I stumbled upon this article written by the editor of “The F word”, one of my most favourite feminist touchstones.
But, alas, I was disappointed. My little feminist heart should have kept said joy at pole length distance.
Let’s go through the problematic points in it, shall we?

“Clichéd dungaree wearers of yesteryear”. What a nice way to refer to feminists of previous generations, to whom we owe so much. And what is wrong with wearing dungarees anyways? Is a woman’s point, ideology, or principle any LESS valid if she’s wearing dungarees? Or ANYTHING at all? I thought the whole point of feminism is stopping the world from giving three flips about what women wear, which, after all, is none of their flipping business.

Then there’s the first interview of a “non-self-proclaimed” feminist. Which kinda misses the point, if one is writing a piece about “the new feminists”.

“My boyfriend today is a massive girl about everything”. Why, you say? Is he wearing pink dresses, pigtails and weighting 50 stone? Ehm, no. He wants to know where their relationship is going. Because that’s what girls do, of course. Remember? Women with emotions, Men with… hunting. Men not being allowed to have emotions is one of the most painful consequences of patriarchy on MEN.
 “The problem is that too often feminism is whiny and depressing. It is not fun and it is not interesting.” Cheese, I didn’t know we have started a political movement in which no one believes in, which no one cares about, which alienates us from the whole of society, and guarantees us that we will be suffering from hate-speech until we die (or until we shut up), all so that we could have “fun”. Maybe I didn’t get the memo. “HAVE FUN”. Checked. Next time, I won’t give three flips about anything and enjoy myself. (Can’t you tell that this girls is well young and belongs to the fun-atious generation who seek fun above all else?)
 “I hate sordid lap-dancing clubs, but not in a political sense”. She might as well get on with it and say “hey, don’t take me for one of those hairy, dungaree wearing, whiny, anti-fun feminists; I have nothing against lap-dancing. Hi Boys!”. We can always rely on “non-feminists” to defend all that’s loved and sacred in our patriarchal world. If you actually thought about it, without dwelling on the consequences of not being considered “fun” by the male of the species, you would realize that, in a power structure like patriarchy, a woman stripping for a man for money IS a political issue. And if you were remotely feminist, you would realize that you have to oppose it.

This just goes to prove that the patriarchal system in which we live permeates every single aspect of our lives, and is impossible to escape completely from it. HOWEVER, the other feminists interviewed did seem to me like true feminists in spite of it all. There is still hope, I know there is.

As a side note, the next time someone needs a “feminist” to interview, they can count on me for the job. I may not have achieved that much in my life, but you can be sure as hell I’ve ALWAYS been a feminist.


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  1. 1

    Debs said,

    I totally agree, the article was one of the worst I’ve read, making feminism seem like a bit of a frivolous ‘hobby’ some young women do but it’s not serious or anything so don’t be scared! I just hated that grid they put the women in, like how they do when they’re reviewing lipsticks or something.

    I blogged about the article too, and a couple of the women interviewed contacted me to say they felt mis-represented, and were definitely mis-quoted. Observer Woman Makes Me Spit blog also did a great (and very funny) piece on it too.

  2. 2

    amphibious said,

    I’ve only just learned the term ‘fark’ for non-news, non-journalism and see this as same sort of waste of wood pulp.
    Irrespective of how poorly researched & banally written up, the problem is that these (non) views exist, though one might hope only for want of fire.
    There was one valid point in the preamble – because the worst outrages no are longer extant (or perhaps less visible) ie civil servant women being required to resign upon marriage, hubby singing for HP or even personal bank a/c, the modern gel doesn’t get sufficiently angry…

  3. 3

    Cara said,

    As a side note, the next time someone needs a “feminist” to interview, they can count on me for the job.

    I was thinking the exact same thing. I could use the publicity and it sounds like feminism could use some PR that’s at least halfway decent. Articles about feminism are always so damn depressing, almost completely without fail.

  4. 4

    outfox said,

    Ah, I no longer wear ‘dungarees’ (I prefer the term overalls anyway, handy garments that they are) but am indeed tired of being asked whether I’m radical of the dungaree kind or the sex positive kind. Must I choose, is there a tick the approapriate box application process? How ahistorical and apolitical am I being asked to be here??

    That said, I usually like the F word.

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