Sex As A Commodity

I don’t know what sex is. But I know that it’s not what we are being told it is. There is a lot of people taking things away from us, redefining them on their terms, and then selling them back to us. They make their money out of turning them into commodities. And it doesn’t stop at sex. They tell us what beauty is, and then they sell it to us. They tell us what success is, and then they sell it to us. They tell us what happiness is, and then guess what? They sell it to us. Personality, entertainment, self-esteem, all of them have been commodified. Can you have fun by laying on the ground and looking at the sky? No, because money can’t be made out of that. Can you feel beautiful with any appearance and at any age? No, because money can’t be made out of that either. Can you have the happiest of times by making love to your partner? ‘Course not, that’s for losers. Real happiness comes from having a zillion women, preferably in the Playboy Mansion. And of course, because you can’t have that, we give you the next best thing: a video of a zillion women in the Playboy Mansion. The fact that we are getting stinky rich in the process is merely coincidental.


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    amphibious said,

    I feel a little alien in this matter as rarely watch TV apart from the occasional ABC & SBS, and that rarely.
    However, I am grimly fascinated when i do come into contact with the meeja as it is generally consumed, say radio ads. in a shop orjust seeing the magazine covers at the supermarket checkout.
    I just stand & gawp at the amazing headlines, all in the same generic yelling style. Bad enough that these things exist but, like porn, it means that huge numbers of people are imbibing this stuff.
    I don’t wish to associate with people for whom such things are of interest but they are compelled to vote.
    Oh well, as long as they pay their taxes.

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    […] have blogged previously about the commodification of all things human. It has just occured to me that this commodification acts to, indirectly, censor speech. Al least, […]

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