“Because it’s the only one that works”

If I hear once again that argument in the needless defence of capitalism, I will tear out my own head and eat it. Or better still, I will tear out the head of whoever is producing those asinine words and force it down his or her throat. Saying that “one system” is the only one that can possibly work is, frankly, insulting to the amazing capacity of human adaptability. We could most likely make any system work. Furthermore, the argument is also insulting to the also amazing capacity of humans to develop new systems. Do you REALLY think that, after 5000 years or so of (written) history, we have developed a system so perfect that won’t need any revision or replacing in the thousands of years humans might still have ahead? TOTAL NONSENSE!!!
We don’t even know if there were any other successful systems around before the coming of capitalism, as it is practically the only one we know of. But even if that were the case, it’s ludicrous to say that “just because something has been around with us since forever it will stay with us forever”. So has slavery, pal, and somehow, we have managed to overthrow it, at least in the most part of the so-called “developed” world.
Saying that this or that is the only possible thing that could possibly ever work is self-defeating. Which is very handy, if one can’t be arsed to get up and do anything. There are plenty of those people around; the “the world is on a rollercoaster to hell, it’s pointless to try to stop it” breed. Well, here I am, pal, and so many like me trying to stop that damn rollercoaster. If you can’t be bothered to do anything to help, at least have the decency to shut the fork up and move out of the way. The Mexicans have a great way to put it: “mucho ayuda el que no estorba” or “he who doesn’t get in the way, is already helping a lot”. HA!
Now, I am aware that I only have half a brain, the most part of which is filled up with Thunderbirds and Disney. Therefore, I point you to a much better article on this very topic by Robert Jensen, titled “Anti-Capitalism in Five Minutes”


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    velorucion said,

    There are two glaring assumptions in what you are saying / critiquing:

    “Capitalism works” . . . for whom? If you have actually attempted to extricate yourself from the capitalist system, you have discovered that the only way to do that is to break the law, at some point. You may be able to barter within a network of others who wish to function without money and to live intentionally with others who wish to make decisions by consensus, but as soon as you look towards permanence- even if you have land GIVEN to you by someone, you will have to pay yearly property taxes. There is no place to exist (in the United States and any other industrialized nation I’ve heard of) outside of the capitalist system, without breaking laws. In other words, capitalism “works” because we are all forced to make it work. . . forced to participate. Even though the money circulates and most people survive, the statement that “capitalism works” forgets that, depending on the nation, vast numbers of people live their lives in fear of financial ruin, from paycheck to paycheck, working long hours at humiliating / dangerous / exhausting jobs. These are the people called the “working poor.” And there are many, many of them. Show any working poor person the information about hours worked by top CEOs and incomes and compare that information to their own information, and then ask them if capitalism is “working” for them.

    Another way to label the working poor is “wage slaves.” The uncertainty, the lack of agency, the requirement to please the egos and sometimes unrealistic expectations of employers / managers is not called slavery because some money exchanges hands. However, I would disagree with your assumption that slavery no longer exists. Slave owners fed their slaves, just as modern-day employers pay a meager wage to their wage-slaves . . . being a wage slave is still slavery, however less barbaric the methods are to control the behavior of the slaves. So . . . slavery works, just like capitalism works. For some.

    In reality, slavery still exists and the capitalist system is still as broken as it ever was.

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    marytracy9 said,

    This is hilarious. I write something criticizing capitalism and someone writes back criticizing capitalism and me for NOT criticizing capitalism.
    I don’t know it this comment will get to you, velorucion. My whole point in this post was to say that capitalism DOESN’T work. Yet, whenever you point that out, the first response you get from people is, precisely, that capitalism “is the only one that works”. The fact that half the world is under poverty escapes them completely.
    In simple words, WE ARE ON THE SAME SIDE, PAL!

  3. 3

    amphibious said,

    How odd, clearly suffering logorrhoea, apart from simple incomprehension, assuming that ‘he’ read it. Bet $10 it was a bloke.

  4. 4

    scott said,

    My words are this I agree with 100% in what you say and also the reason the there is rape and sexual abuse is b/c of the way that women portray themselves but there are other circumstanses at hand also I know that when I was in highschool(69 to 82) no 13 year old girls look the way they do today I hate my lustful heart bu5t wish I was 1`3 years old again

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