Stop The Pretended Ignorance

I think it was someone from Gilligan’s Island that said, “The hardest problems often have the easiest solutions”. And then, there’s the little pearl of wisdom from my friend Felipe, who claims that “Quite often we know the answer to our questions, we just have trouble accepting it”. Put those two statements together, and it would seem that you have a good chunk of all the problems/questions in this world at least half solved/answered. As you may have guessed already, I agree with this theory to a good extent. Particularly when it comes to “deciding” if something is right or wrong.
Most of the time, the little compass we have purposely installed within us knows for sure whereas something is right or wrong. And yet, we discuss, like mindless morons, if this or that has a “measurable” detrimental effect on people or not, utterly ignoring if this or that is, indeed, morally correct or not. Well, I find it very hard to stand. I much rather see people saying openly “yes, what we do is bad for society, but we don’t give a toss, because we make money out of it”, than playing numbingly foolish “poor innocents” who just “don’t really know” that this or that is wrong. And the list of topics over which people pointlessly discuss its moral righteousness is never ending.
• “Porn hurts women? How do YOU know? What prove do you have? We LOVE women!”
• “What evidence do YOU have that alcohol has anything to do with alcohol related health issues, alcohol related accidents, and alcohol addictions?”
• “How was I supposed to know she didn’t want it? She was ASKING for it, with the way she was dressed up!”
• “We didn’t know nicotine produced addiction. We just thought people really REALLY loved our product”
• “How do you know that bombarding women with 100 zillion pictures of skinny, sexy models a day has an effect on increasing anorexia rates or women’s own self loathing?”
• “High speed cars increase road accidents? Non-sense!”
• “Women want to have big boobs, small noses, straight long hair, non wrinkles, no cellulite, no fat, no belly, small ankles, small waists, no spots, no moles, no pores. Our 1000 zillion pictures of computed altered models bombardment a day has nothing to do with it!”
• “There’s absolutely nothing that suggests that violence in video games increases violence. Therefore, we can put all the violence we want in video games, because it’s all right.”
• “We may spend 2 billions of dollars on advertising a year the world over, but we don’t make people want our food. And besides, our food is part of a healthy diet.”
• “Pubs within Universities Campuses and cheap alcohol in student shops has no impact on the amount of alcohol students consume.”

I could go on all day. See what I’m trying to say? It’s EVIDENT like hell what’s wrong and why.
We may not be ready to live without alcohol, porn or high speed cars. Big companies may not be ready to give up the millions they make out of messing up people’s minds. But please, don’t come to me with pretended ignorance to justify your lack of moral behaviour. You know exactly what you are doing. At least have the decency to recognise it, if not the courage to change it.


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    Cruella said,

    Very good points, very well made. Nice blog.

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