Females and their Emotions within Politics

Twisty’s idea on political blogging by females expressed in this post , can be somehow summarized by “I vigorously disagree with the idea, quoted in the SadieMag piece, that “women view politics through the same prism that they view life–one that is colored by emotion””. Twisty’s opinion on this? “This idea is patently whack”. She argues that women are perfectly capable of writing objectively. Now, while I agree entirely with this, I have a further point to add. Twisty almost gets it by blaming the patriarchy because of “the notion that “male” is always the default  condition, whereas “female” is a modifier indicating a sort of divergent, auxiliary, less important variant of normal”. She fails to point out that is precisely because of this, and because of the resulting devaluation of values with are considered “feminine”, that “colouring politics with emotions” is considered a BAD thing. Whatever politics are about, they are sure as hell about humans mainly. And humans can’t help but having emotions. Why should we keep emotions out of the “politics” table? I say, we have done so for too long now. The result can be summarized, amid simplistically, by noting that we have never been richer, and we have never been unhappier. We have never been so many, and we have never been so lonely. We have, through the over use of the “masculine” perspective, tried to solve all our problems by focusing on those aspects that are secondary in importance to our own happiness but without which, we couldn’t live, such as food and shelter, hoping that what really matters would sort itself out. And it hasn’t. Let’s bring back emotions to their rightful place in the “importance scale”. They might be able to get us through this glorious mess of consumerism, war, violence, predation, and the like.


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