Pornography & Cruelty

I found this really good article from Robert Jensen about the cruelty of pornography. It is particularly interesting because he is, obviously, a MAN, and because he focuses on the emotional aspect of pornography, for both men and women.

The link to the article is here:
A cruel edge: The painful truth about today’s pornography — and what men can do about it

His argument is very well formed, but the principles behind the article can be summarized in two lines.

“What kind of society would turn the injury and degradation of some into sexual pleasure for others? What kind of people does that make us — the men who learn to find pleasure this way, and the women who learn to accept it?”

And on the subject of ETHICS, he says:

“(the pornographers) want to derail any talk about a sexual ethic. They, of course, have a sexual ethic: Anything goes. On the surface that seems to be freedom: Consenting adults should be free to choose. I agree they should. But in a society in which power is not equally distributed, “anything goes” translates into “anything goes for men, and some women and children will suffer for it.” Any society that claims to take freedom seriously must engage in a discussion about power, and take steps to equalize power. That means taking steps to end men’s domination of women.”


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    amphibious said,

    I haven’t had a chance yet to read the full article but your precis makes the point that some people just enjoy being nasty, it was ever so, but the numbers must necessarily have been small; in earlier times such types would have dealt with by their communities, or found jobs in the rulers dungeons.
    What is worrying is the mass portrayal of this trait as normal.
    Personally I would extend the analogy to many other ‘bad habits’ but first things first.
    Solution have I none except for women to cut dead anyone (male OR female) who collaborates. ie Krudd’s visit to the strip club – why did the vox pops show the vast majority (including women) think this was normal, or even laudable?

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